Kick-start your career with a government funded apprenticeship or distance learning course

If you enrol with us you’ll be given a wealth of top notch experience in vocational training and distance learning at (DTS) Dimensions Training Solutions. Your passion and willingness to learn comes first. We’ll provide you with the skills that will pay out big time in the future.

Are you a potential DTS apprentice?

We’re on the hunt for apprentices that have panache and drive to succeed. We’ve helped over 3,000 young people to start a career from which they’ve gone on to become superstars. Have you got what it takes to join them?

Are you aged between 16 to 23yrs?

If you like what you’ve heard so far and want to take the first steps on your career ladder, then come join our apprenticeship scheme - we’re a grade 2 Ofsted rated training provider. You’ll gain skills, paid work exployment during the apprenticeship and a very good chance of a job at the end of it

Whether you’re already employed or unemployed, DTS can provide qualifications that will increase your chance of getting and keeping a job, or even help you climb the ladder where you are now.

Full funding from the government is available to cover your training (if you’re aged 16- 19yrs) and you’ll be paid a minimum of £3.30 per hour during your apprenticeship with a carefully matched employer that’s right for you.

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Are you a potential DTS employer?

As well as providing a great learning experience for young people, you can learn a lot from it too. Apprentices are the next generation of business leaders.

 “A great apprentice from Dimensions is working for me at the moment. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. It doesn’t feel that I’m her boss because she uses her initiative. She does everything I ask and more.”

- Rebecca Yasin

DTS Apprenticeships can help you to fill skills gaps, motivate your workforce and improve your bottom line.

Are you a parent or carer?

Enrolling on an Apprenticeship at DTS means your son or daughter can start their career debt free with no need for a student loan. Our apprenticeship schemes are for young people who want to experience the world of work rather than stay in full-time education. We work with 16-23 year olds who want to take this exciting route into work. Many take additional qualifications that enhance their career prospects further.

Are you aged 19 yrs and over?

If you fancy a career change, gain access to University or turn an interest into a business then we would like to help. We've got distance learning QCF and courses in everything from Beauty Therapy to Retail, Child Care to Sales and Marketing, Customer Service to becoming a Teaching Assistant, and loads more.

You can study whenever you have a free moment instead of travelling and attending a classroom – make distance learning fit your work and family life.
Join forces with us and you’ll have access to government backed loans to fund the upfront fees of our distance learning courses. The big advantage is that you don’t have to start paying back your loan until you’ve finished your course and are earning over £21,000 pa.

Your nationally recognised qualification will empower you to make progress in a meaningful career rather than getting by in just a job that you don’t enjoy.

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